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A good discussion for nail salon industry people.  Have you ever work at a salon that made you feel this way? What were the signs? How did you as this situation?

A nail technician works there and they have something on their mind that has been bothering them.  You work at a salon and the salon takes half your sales but they don’t do any marketing.  They never do anything to promote you.  You work extra hours do everything they want you to do.  In your off time your posting to social media.  Your handing out your card building up the business for the salon.  The new clients you bring in, you then recommend them to the hair stylists.  You convince them to try facials.  Your bringing in business to the salon but no one else refers their clients to get nails done.  You always introduce your clients to everyone else but no one reciprocates and brings them back to the nail desk to meet you and see the work you do. You realize that your invisible to everyone else.  They keep taking but they never give.  At the end of the month you don’t have enough money to make rent.  Yet your working over time.  How do you deal with a situation like this?

The red flags are the cattiness and selfishness.  The need to be the best at the salon at the expense of everyone else.  The snubbing and thanklessness. If you work at a med spa that offers nails.  The nails are an after thought.  People are coming in for coolsculpting weight loss.  They get botox and expensive services and you know these clients are the type of people who also want crazy nail designs like nail stamping.  You would think it’s a perfect place to work but if they aren’t up selling your services then you should be in a higher visibility place.